How to Break Up with Your Phone? – Expert Advice!

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Breakups can be quite difficult as we’ve all had to go through them – especially when you have to do it with your beloved phone.
But according to the author of, “How to Break Up with your Phone: The 30 Day plan to Take Back Your Life,” by Catherine Price ending your obsession with technology can actually be pretty simple.
According to an interview by the independent with Catherine, she described phone addiction as an epidemic, including how to tell if you have an unhealthy relationship with your phone and some of these changes may be used to resist the lure of technology addiction.
The average person, based on data from more than 4.8 million users of Moment, is now spending four hours a day on their phone.
You could call it an addiction or you could call it something else. The whole point is that’s a quarter of your every waking life.
But the good news is that you can take back your life – with just five simple steps.
How do you begin?
The first step is to turn off all your notifications, except for phone calls, messages and calendar.
Then, re-enable the ones that you realize you actually want – Uber or Google Maps or Uber Eats. The whole point is to actually allow notifications that are actually useful to you, not the app designer, according to the price.
The next step is to leave your phone out of your bedroom.
While it may be tempting to spend hours scrolling through social media before you fall asleep, it is always better to keep your phone charging outside your bedroom to avoid the use of your phone and yes try getting yourself an alarm clock instead.
Next in Line!
Speaking of Social Media, deleting your social media apps altogether, as they have been specifically designed to keep you indulged and addicted. Author Catherine Price believes that if you are going to do so then checking your social media account on a clunkier browser version will help you beat the habit!
Rearranging your home screen can be a big help in finding only the apps and tools that are important, and less tempting.
It is also much suggested that you remove your email as well as internet browser of the home screen.
Last but not the least
Once you’ve realized which apps are your biggest weaknesses, try moving them or the best thing is to delete them completely and resist the feeling of re-installing them again, this way you won’t see them and won’t feel the need of opening those apps constantly.
It would also be really useful to delete your games an email if you can try resisting them.
However, this process is a personal aspect, as each person needs to get back in touch with or perhaps begin identifying for the first time – their important priorities in life and even change their behaviours, so that their actions align with their intention.
Though the ultimate goal is not to get rid of your phones or stop using them completely, it is to spend more time with your life.

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